Maintenance & Repairs

An issue related to your heating and cooling system can make a great day become a horrible one immediately. We realize there are better things to do with your time and money than to spend it on HVAC. In today’s economy, you need the best possible service for the most reasonable cost. 

Mountain Air Mechanical

Mountain Air Mechanical has developed a cost effective thorough examination of your equipment that we ensure will not fail. We will trace through each component and deliver a detailed explanation of every item in your system. You will know exactly what your system is doing and how well it is doing after every visit from us. Whether it is heating or cooling twice a year or just once in a blue moon, you can count on Mountain Air to have your back.

Mountain Air Mechanical


You can trust us to not only install and repair your equipment efficiently, but to have your best interests in mind. We want to save our customers money long term. Single stage equipment running at 100% design capacity will heat and cool a home well, especially when it is sized efficiently and properly. 

This is exactly what we ensure at Mountain Air. Two-stage equipment that is the same size as single stage, but operating in a lower stage in mediocre weather will save you 50% on your bills. This will only change when you ramp up to the 2nd stage. We believe this method is very efficient and will save you a tremendous amount on utility bills every month.

Variable speed equipment is the premier HVAC system. It has the ability to run at any speed or efficiency from 35% up to 100% of its capacity and anywhere in between. This will be the ultimate savings, because in the end, you will save more than you invested initially.

Mountain Air is knowledgeable on all brands of equipment. We can install and service just about any system running today. We understand that all systems are not created equal and every home has its own comfort level for each owner. Meeting every customer’s unique needs is something we pride ourselves on.

Air Quality

Most families and homes have certain allergies or allergic reactions to everyday living. Over the years, society has transitioned into realizing this is not an issue that we have to live with, and is rather a preventable issue. With advancements in technologies and strands of bacteria, our woes have been answered.

Until you learn about the products available, those stuffy days and irritating nights will just stay the same. Mountain Air staff personally tests every product in their own homes before and measures the performance and success of every product. This ensures that we stand behind what works. We have state of the art equipment to bring fresh air in and push stale air out. Affordable and better air quality is out there and we have it, and most importantly, we want to share it with you.

Call us today to help maximize your comfort system.